FAQ - Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is a process where student and the tutor can interact to each other through digital internet enabled technologies. The student will get personalized assistance. Tutor trains, teaches the student through the electronic whiteboard.

Computer with internet connection, Mic, Cyber Tablet for writing purpose.

The advantage of online tutoring is flexible timing, personalized classes and your child can learn from the comfort of the home. The students will become independent which in turn gives a chance for the student to improve his or her writing skills. It will be a substitute for classroom learning and will improve the knowledge of the student.

You can register through Go4Guru.com hereor email to [email protected] about your requirements or call us in 202 903 0242. Our Customer Service Representative will contact you and help you for enrollment.

Two to three hours is suggested per week. It may vary on the student’s performance whether extra hours are required or not.

The electronic board is an area on the screen where both the student and the tutor can write and draw. There will be a digital pen which will help the tutors and students to write. This is a key source for e-learning which will enable the audio and the visual communication between students and tutors. Whatever is written on the white board can be saved for future reference.

Our tutoring services are extended from Grade 1 to Grade 12.
Apart from academic, we are providing the following services:   1.SAT & ACT Test preparation,   2. Indian and Foreign Languages coaching,   3.Carnatic, Hindustani & Western Music,   4.Music Instruments Training (Violin, Guitar, Key Board, Piano, Tabla, Mruthangam, Sitar etc.,)

As a parent you are bound to know the child’s progress. We will send you the assessments and the report on how your child is performing. You will be given a separate login in id so that you can monitor your child’s learning.

Go4Guru's 1 on 1 online class from home will save you time and money. More than that weekly scheduled online coaching, regular tests, work sheets, progress reports and friendly approach will overall increase the scores of the student and create interest in the subject of learning.

We have tutors who are well qualified and experienced in the subjects. We give a thorough training to our tutors before they join us. They will understand the student’s level and design a strategy accordingly which will help the student to progress.

You will need a decent PC/Mac with Webcam, Headphones, and an Internet Connection.

No when you join us, we provide you with the software you require. We will assist you in using the software before the class begins.